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The National Standard Of PTFE Oct 15, 2018

GB 5477-1985 PTFE Material Name

GB 7136-1986 Universal Type PTFE resin for molding

GB 8329-1987 PTFE resin fine Grain Molding Powder

GB/t 11990-1989 paste-shaped extruded PTFE resin

GB/t 8329-1987 PTFE resin fine Grain Molding Powder

GB/t 10904-1989 filled PTFE rail soft belt

GB/T 10905-2008 filler PTFE Guide Soft belt Technical conditions

GB/T 13404-2008 Tube flange with PTFE coated gasket

GB/T 15700-1995 PTFE corrugated compensator general technical conditions

GB/T 17737.2-2000 RF Cable Part 2nd: PTFE (PTFE) insulation semi-hard RF coaxial Cable sub-specification

GB 33001-1985 PTFE Tubing GB 33002-1985 PTFE Sheet